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About the Tax Faculty About the Tax Faculty
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Membership of the Tax Faculty is the answer for Chartered Accountants who require Practical Help, Regular Updates and Relevant Comments on Current Tax Issues.

What is the Tax Faculty?

The Faculty is the focus within the Institute for those Chartered Accountants working in the area of tax. It is a centre of excellence and an authoritative voice for the Institute on taxation matters. It makes representations to Government and other authorities, and public pronouncements on major tax issues.

Why should I join?

The Faculty exists to meet the needs of all Chartered Accountants who practice tax. It is the body for tax professionals.

What does the Faculty provide?

The Faculty aims to provide the professional support you need, when you need it.

On joining, you will receive access to the restricted Faculty members only website. This contains full details of services and how these may be used. Of particular importance are:

  • The Referral Scheme which provides speedy access to professional advice from listed consultants who between them cover all areas of tax. Initial advice is provided at a nominal charge and first contact is by telephone. Surveys of Faculty members confirm that this is a highly valued and useful service.

  • The Joint Advisory Scheme which provides easy access to nominated barristers who will provide advice on short tax points by telephone or fax for a fixed fee.

  • The Library Tax Information Service where the major tax resource of books, law reports, journals, periodicals and on-line data services may be accessed for a modest charge via professional library staff. They can provide you with the technical information you need by telephone, fax or post.

  • The Special Advocacy Scheme which enables you to give direct instructions to nominated members of the Revenue Bar Association at special rates.
Each month you will receive a newsletter. Twelve issues of TAXline, the Faculty's practical, technical newsletter, are published each year. TAXline covers topical tax issues by including over 200 each year. TAXline also contains longer articles, Faculty news, product reviews and details of recent and forthcoming representations. Independent surveys confirm a member satisfaction rating of over 95% with the newsletter.

In addition to publishing details of representations and responses to revenue authorities (TAXREPS), the Faculty also publishes guidance on topical tax issues (TAXGUIDES). These may be found on our website, or copies may be ordered either singly by application or automatically by annual subscription.

Each year the Faculty publishes its TAXline Tax Planning, which contains over 20 chapters contributed by a wide range of leading specialists.

There is an annual programme of lectures and debates. The annual Hardman Memorial Lecture has become a keynote event in the tax world and is scheduled for November. Regional events are also held in conjunction with ICAEW regions, wherever there is sufficient demand.

Where appropriate the Faculty includes details in the monthly mailings of selected tax products offered at advantageous rates to Faculty members.

How is the Faculty managed?

The Faculty is managed by Executive Committee, the majority of whom are elected by Faculty members. An Annual Report is sent to all members and an Annual Meeting is held each Spring. If you are not a Chartered Accountant you may subscribe to our services.

Who can join?

Membership is available to all Chartered Accountants, including members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

To date over 10000 Chartered Accountants are Tax Faculty members. There is also a corporately administered membership scheme, details of which may be obtained from the Faculty.

What does membership cost?

Membership for the calendar year 2002 costs �69. Membership is available to all Chartered Accountants and is not subject to VAT. Subscription to services is open to tax professionals and is subject to VAT.

How can I join?

By contacting or by telephoning 020 7920 8646.

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