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Faculty Publications Faculty Publications
These pages provide details of publications issued by the Faculty of Taxation. They include full details of all publications issued since 1 January 2000. In addition, all Tax Representations and Tax Guidance Notes issued since 1 January 1999 are included as well as selected material issued before that date.
  • Annual Report
    The Annual Report of the Tax Faculty

  • Conference and lecture notes
    Copies of conference and lecture notes by the Tax Faculty.

  • Faculty Factsheets
    An occasional series of 'first stop' factual guides on specific tax issues.

  • Press Releases
    This page provides the text of all press releases issued by the Tax Faculty since 1 January 2000.

  • Tax Guidance Notes
    This page provides full details of all Guidance Notes issued since 1 January 1999 by the Tax Faculty.

  • Tax Representations
    This page provides full details of all representations made since 1 January 1999 by the Tax Faculty to consultations issued by the Government and Revenue departments.

  • TAXline
    TAXline is the Tax Faculty's monthly magazine.

  • TAXline Index
    Yearly and 'rolling' monthly indexes of Taxline.

  • TAXline Tax Planning
    TAXline Tax Planning is an annual review of UK taxation published by the Tax Faculty.

  • Towards a better tax system
    The Tax Faculty launches its Tax Manifesto.

  • Various other ICAEW publications
    Other publications issued by the ICAEW that have a bearing on Tax Faculty members.

  • Various Other Publications
    This page provides details of various other publications including the Tax Faculty's Annual Guide to Services and selected Technical Releases issued up to 31 December 1998.

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